Rental Program

Rental program overview

We offer the highest quality instruments with a beautiful tone and strong projection.

Our custom-made instruments are new and professionally set up.

Violins, Violas, Cellos, and Basses are available in all sizes and come with a case, bow, polishing cloth and rosin.

We work closely with our schools to provide care for our rental instruments on a regular basis.

We offer the option to trade up to larger instruments at any time at no cost.

Full Maintenance & Insurance

Our comprehensive maintenance program covers all repairs, including bridges, bows, cases, pegs, adjustments, and replacement of broken strings.

The insurance plan covers theft, loss, or accidental damage of the instrument. Our shop will provide a loaner instrument for the time of the repair.

Coverage starts at $6.95/month

100% Equity Program

The greatest benefit of our rental program is equity, or the opportunity to apply rental fees toward the purchase of an instrument. You may apply 100% of the first year’s rental fees plus 25% of additional rental fees (excluding basses) towards the purchase price of your existing instrument or another instrument of equal or greater value.

One Year Rental Program

Rent for the entire year and receive:

Violins/Violas 2-months free rental

Cello/Basses 1-month free rental

Plus a complimentary Music Stand

Instrument Monthly Rental Annual Rental Savings!
Fractional Violin (1/32-3/4) & Viola (10-13") $25.00 $250.00 $69.99
Full Size Violin (4/4) & Viola (14") $28.00 $280.00 $75.99
Full Size Viola (15-17") $33.00 $330.00 $86.99
Fractional Cello (1/10-3/4) $45.00 $495.00 $65.99
Full Size Cello (4/4) $50.00 $550.00 $69.99
Bass (1/10-3/4) $80.00 $880.00 $99.99

*Annual Rental Also Includes Free Music Stand or Tuner ($19.99 Value)

*10% Family Discount for All Additional Monthly Rentals!

*Pricing Before Taxes & Maintenance/Insurance

The best way to size your child is to bring them into our shop and have someone on staff size them or to have your teacher size them. When this isn’t possible, here is a guide to sizing your student:

Violin and Viola sizing corresponds to the student’s arm length while Cello and Bass are sized using the students height.

For Violin/Viola, extend the arm fully and perpendicular to the body, and measure from the left side of the neck to the heart of the palm.

For Cello/Bass, measure the height of the student.


Arm Length Violin Size Average Grade
14" 1/16 Up to Pre K
15.5" 1/10 Pre K - K
17" 1/8 1-3
18.5 1/4 3-5
20.5 1/2 4-6
22.5 3/4 5-7
24"+ 4/4 7-8+


Arm Length Viola Size Average Grade
15.5" 9" Pre K - K
17" 10" 1-3
18.5" 11" 3-5
20.5" 12" 4-6
22.5" 13" 5-7
24" 14" 7-8
25.5" 15" 8+
26.25" 15.5" 8+
27" 16" 8+


Height Range Cello Size Average Grade
43" to 46" 1/10 Pre K - K
47" to 50" 1/8 1-3
51" to 54" 1/4 3-5
55" to 58" 1/2 4-6
59" to 62 3/4 5-7
63" and up 4/4 8+


Height Range Bass Size Average Grade
47" to 50" 1/10 1-3
51" to 54" 1/8 3-5
55" to 58" 1/4 4-6
59" to 62" 1/2 5-7
63" and up 3/4 8+

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Please complete the Rental Agreement to reserve an instrument. You will receive a confirmation email once the instrument is ready for pick up (1-2 business days).

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If you need help with sizing, please visit our sizing guide or give us a call at 763.542.9542

RENTAL INCLUDES: Maintenance & Insurance ($7.95/month), Tax, Case, Bow, Rosin, Cloth, Name Tag, and Foam Shoulder Sponge for Violin & Viola.  **Annual Rental Includes Two Free Months & Free Music Stand/Tuner**

RENTAL INCLUDES: Maintenance & Insurance ($8.95/month), Tax, Case, Bow, Rosin, Cloth, Name Tag, and Endpin Rock Stop for Cello & Bass.  **Annual Rental Includes One Free Month & Free Music Stand/Tuner**

RENTAL INCLUDES: Maintenance & Insurance ($9.95/month), Tax, Case, Bow, Rosin, Cloth, Name Tag, and Endpin Rock Stop for Cello & Bass. **Annual Rental Includes One Free Month & Free Music Stand/Tuner**

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TERMS & CONDITIONS: This is a rental agreement (“Agreement”) between All Strings Attached (“ASA”) and customer (“Renter”) for the rental of a string instrument. After the initial term, the contract becomes a month-to-month contract with automatic debit/credit card payment. The Renter must provide and maintain a current debit/credit card on file, otherwise a security deposit will be required. The Agreement may be terminated by either party at any time after the Initial Term; however, the termination is effective on the last day of the rental period in which the instrument is to be returned to ASA. The instrument rental fees must be paid in advance of each rental period while an instrument is in the Renter’s possession, regardless of whether or not the instrument is being used. The terms and conditions of this agreement and rental rates are subject to change without prior notice. Continued rental of an instrument will be deemed acceptance of any revised terms. Please contact ASA for an updated copy of terms and conditions and rates at any time. By providing your credit card information below, you are authorizing ASA to charge rental fees to your account under the terms of this agreement. Accepting possession of a rental instrument constitutes agreement with the terms and condition of this contract. This Agreement is governed by the Laws of the State of Minnesota and venue of Hennepin County, Minnesota. FULL MAINTENANCE & INSURANCE PROGRAM: The Renter is responsible for the instrument during the rental period and should return it in the same condition in which it was received. We provide a Full Maintenance and Insurance Program (“Program”) for the duration of the rental period to cover any repairs, including accidental damage, broken strings, bridges, bows, cases, pegs, sound post adjustment, and loss/theft of the instrument (must include a police report within 30 days of the incident). ASA must perform or authorize all repairs, and we reserve the right to be the sole judge of an instrument’s repair or replacement costs. Account balance must be current at the time of the loss or damage for the Program to be in effect. When the rental period expires, the Program coverage expires. EQUITY PROGRAM – CREDIT TOWARDS PURCHASE: : If the Renter wishes to purchase an instrument, rental fees paid may be applied towards the purchase price with the Equity Program (“Equity”). Renters may apply 100% of the first year’s rental fees, plus 25% of subsequent Violin/Viola/Cello rental fees (excluding basses) towards the purchase price of an instrument. Purchase price is based on current market value of the instrument and Equity may be applied towards purchase of the existing instrument or an instrument of equal or greater value. Applicable rental fees exclude taxes, maintenance/insurance, and deposit. Equity has no cash value and may not be combined with another instrument’s Equity or used toward bow, case, or accessories. Equity is valid only for the student listed below and may be used for up to ninety (90) days after returning the instrument, terminating a contract, or closing an account. Renter’s account balance must be current to apply existing Equity. The Equity Program is not a rent to own and does not constitute a consumer credit transaction. EXCHANGES, RETURNS, REFUNDS: Exchanges: Please contact ASA to schedule a size exchange or return. Existing instruments in good condition may be exchanged at any time for a different size or type of instrument. At the time of exchange all components of your existing instrument must be returned, and any remaining rental fees on the account will be pro-rated and applied towards the rental fees of the new instrument. Returns: All returns are to be made prior to the rental expiration date. Please contact ASA if you wish to return an instrument to the school to confirm a pickup date. Renter is responsible for the instrument until ASA acknowledges receipt of the instrument. Refunds: The Agreement may be terminated at any time after the Initial Term; however, the termination is effective on the last day of the rental period the instrument is returned to ASA. Renters participating in the annual rental program may terminate the rental contract before the expiration date, and receive a pro-rated refund. Month-to-month contracts are not eligible for pro-rated refunds of rental fees. Past Due Accounts: Rental payments received after the due date may be charged a $10.00 late fee per month. In the event that the account is more than 60 days past due or the Renter moves and does not provide ASA with a forwarding address, ASA reserves the right to charge the purchase price of the instrument to the credit card on file. If overdue payments and/or repair costs cannot be charged to the credit card, then ASA may refer this matter to a collection agency and/or attorney for collection. If a default of payment occurs the renter agrees to pay, in addition to any sum due to ASA, the reasonable collection agency and/or attorney fees incurred, plus court costs.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 763-542-9542 or email us