We love string teachers and are proud to receive the 2019 Community Service Award from the Minnesota String & Orchestra Teachers Association (MNSOTA).  Thank you for all that you do for music education and we are always here to support you.  Please visit us in person or online to receive a 10% Discount on any order.

Have a student who could benefit from an extra push? ASA has a list of private teachers in the area and can provide you with a few names and contact information for you to pass along to your student’s parents.

Looking for private lessons or music academies? Click the button below:

Private Lessons

ASA provides school pickup and delivery services to throughout the Twin Cities.  This includes size exchanges, repairs, accessories, and instrument/bow assessments for students and the classroom.  Deliveries are typically scheduled one week in advance, but we are available on short notice for urgent instrument emergencies!

Do you have a short-term instrument need for a student?  Are you waiting for budget approvals or grants before deciding to purchase instruments?  ASA is able to provide flexible short- and long-term rental instruments for teachers.  The best part is that you can switch sizes/instruments at any time and apply Rental Equity (100% of first year, plus 25% of all additional rental fees) towards the purchase of any school instrument of equal of greater value.  Contact us for additional information or to schedule an appointment!

Do you have any old or broken bows laying around your classroom?  The Bow Rehair Program allows us to accept any old bows and replace for a new bow with a 20% discount!  Another great option is that you can “mix and match” instrument types and sizes (i.e. exchange ½ violin bows for 15” viola bow).

In need of new instruments for your classroom? We specialize in providing excellent sounding instruments. ASA offers a wide variety of instruments and we would be happy to discuss the options with you. Please contact us to request a quote and discuss options to fit your needs and school budget.

ASA is happy to help you with your Fall/Spring rental display nights! Please contact us regarding your school’s display night and let us know if we can provide you with instruments for sizing.

ASA has a wide selection of sheet music and books to supply your classroom. Please contact us for availability and pricing.

We are proud to support our string teachers, programs, camps, and orchestral organizations throughout the Twin Cities.  Please contact us in advance with requests or opportunities for advertising and sponsorships.